Flexible Mental Wellness Account

An organization’s existing EFAP may not meet all of the needs or expectations that the organization has for the mental health care of its employees. Insight Corporate offers employers the flexibility to select one or a combination of the following specialty mental health services to supplement their EFAP. 

In many cases, such services can be included in their employees’ existing Health Spending and Wellness Accounts (thus allowing the employer to provide its employees with advanced/specialized mental health services without having to incur any additional direct cost) or a dedicated Mental Health Spending Account. 

A dedicated Mental Heath Spending Account for advanced/specialized mental health services may be especially important to any organization that experience high claims in mental health prescriptions, mental health practitioner services, and/or mental health injuries and disabilities. More resources and services will likely be needed to help employees deal with the difficulties they are facing as well as to help the organization address factors affecting employees’ mental wellness. 

The following are specialty mental health services offered by Insight Corporate:

Some employees may also have complex, co-morbid, high trauma, severe mental health issues, or other specialized care needs. Such conditions can bring about severe and prolonged difficulties in a person’s home, social, and work life. Basic short term mental health support though one’s EFAP may not be adequate to help these employees properly address their conditions or difficulties. As a result, their condition can continue to deteriorate in spite of the fact that they might have gotten help. In such cases, specialized therapy and/or alternative treatments by clinicians with advanced or specialized training in the specific areas of concern may be required to properly support the employees’ recovery.

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Insight maintains a comprehensive library of over 350 clinical as well as non-clinical assessments, and work with physicians and health regions, government and pseudo-government agencies, lawyers and the court system, insurance agencies, school boards, and organizations in various industries to provide their employees, members, and clients with the following specialized assessments:

  • Fit-to-work/Return-to-work Readiness
  • Psychological Illness and Disorders**
  • Personality and Behaviour
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Career and Employment
  • Neuropsychological/Cognitive Functioning**
  • Learning/Psycho-educational
  • Custody Access & Parental Capacity
  • Court/Forensic

**An employee who may be concerned with or may exhibit symptoms of psychological, behavioural or personality disorders or functioning issues can start off with a screen or proceed with a comprehensive diagnostic assessment of their condition. From there, appropriate follow-up care and support (where needed) can be provided to the employee by our clinicians.

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We actively engage employees in caring for their own mental health by facilitating mental health enhancing activities and providing rich mental health care content and resources using technology and AI.

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