Everyone makes me angry

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Alexis asked 12 years ago

I feel angry towards everyone. I don’t talk to anyone. I hate everyone. Friends, authority, school teachers, etc… Is this bad?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 11 years ago

Is this bad? Good question.

Is it getting in the way of you having a meaningful and fulfilling life? What do you want to do about your feelings of hatred and anger? Is this what you want in your life? When did these feelings start? Have you ever had a time in your life when you did not feel this way? What was that like?

I am curious about where in your life you experience joy or pleasure. There are many online resources you could utilize. I suggest Googling words such as “authentic happiness” “happiness exercises” “anger management” and “relaxation techniques.”

These are the kinds of questions I would want to explore in order to help you further. You may want to speak to a counsellor or look for a therapist in your community.