Do I have bipolar II? Is it something else?

Ask A Therapist OnlineDo I have bipolar II? Is it something else?
AA asked 9 years ago

Heya… I have been suffering from bouts of intense depression which last from two weeks to… Even a month sometimes. During this time, I have a major drop in my energy levels… I sleep most of the day or stay in bed with my laptop. I also experience a state of amazing happiness lasting about a week now and then.. I also experience a rise in my energy levels and feel like doing something.. Restless.. (I start to work out.. Go for random runs.. Write a LOT, actually do my assignments, spend cash on ‘pointless’ stuff) I also experience what I believe is called splitting in both phases. Like if a person is nice to me, I feel he is amazing and when he says or does something i do not like, I see all the memories of everything bad he has ever done flooding in while forgetting all the good. He goes from ‘white to black’. I am unable to maintain stable relationships… Except for my girlfriend (long distance. We hardly ever meet. Its just texts and calls). When in my depressed phase, I usually shun people.. And I have been self-harming from… 3 to 4 years. (sometimes even in my happy phase. Idk why) Is there something wrong with me or is it puberty? -_- TIA

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Insight Psychological Staff answered 9 years ago

It sounds like there is more going on for you than just puberty. It does sound like it could be bipolar disorder. I would suggest talking to a family physician, and then asking for a refereal to a psychiatrist who can give you a proper assessment. The symptoms of Bipolar Disorder come  from an imbalance of serotonin and dopamine levels in the brain. With a proper assessment, you and your doctor could find a medication that would help even out the levels of serotonin and dopamine.