Return to Work Assessment

Formal return to work assessments can help to identify your strengths and weaknesses, issues present and potential functioning as it related to workplace and employment and it can provide a clearer path forward for your mental and employment health care.   While assessments can vary from individual to individual, most times they include testing, interviews, observation, and consultation with one of Insight’s trained professionals.

What is a return-to-work assessment?

A return-to-work assessment explores the mental health and psychological readiness for an individual to return to their previous employment before their absence, due to physical illness or injury, mental health issues, psychological injury, or workplace trauma.

Why is the assessment used?

Return-to-work assessments are helpful not just in assessing if you are ready to go back to work, but whether or not you need modified duties or accommodations, and what kind of support you require to perform at your best. They can be obtained through private individuals, employers, outsourced occupational health testing companies, WCB, and even on some rare occasions, mandated by the legal system.

Insight can also review on an employer’s behalf, if a WCB claim has been filed, for a psychological injury assessment, treatment/support, and accommodation plan to ensure that the employee’s psychological condition is being attended to in an objective, prompt, and effective manner.

The assessment process

What to expect for a return-to-work assessments:

  • You’ll meet with the therapist so they can meet you, gather your background history and obtain other relevant information.
  • You will complete some tests – they may be an interview format, written tests or online – or a combination of all 3 methods.
  • Your therapist will prepare a report after analyzing the test results.
  • There is usually a debrief with the therapist to go over the assessment.

If required, Insight can work collaboratively with other medical and health care professionals (physicians, occupational therapists, etc.) in the assessment process.

Depending on the scope of the assessment, the entire process can range from a few hours up to 20 hours if an occupational interest assessment is also required as part of the return-to-work assessment.

Please contact Insight Psychological to learn more about return-to-work assessments.

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