Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work After Mental Health Injury

Ideally, pro-active programs and efforts are in place to help employees prevent or mitigate psychological strain and injury. However, if an employee is experiencing a psychological strain or has endured a psychological injury, they should receive prompt and effective assessment, support, and accommodations to help them recover and to prevent their condition from deteriorating further.

An employee who may have a psychological illness or disorder will also benefit greatly from prompt assessment, which can then provide a proper diagnosis and where appropriate, also a treatment plan and recommended accommodations to help the employee function as effectively as possible.

Depending on the severity of the employee’s psychological illness or injury, they may be able to remain at work with support or they may have to take time off to deal with their illness and injury. In general, the longer an employee is off work due to disability, the more difficult it is for them to get back to work.

With Insight Corporate’s Stay-at-Work/Return-to-Work Assessment, we can assess:

  1. the type and extent of mental health injury sustained by the employee and the effects experienced by the employee,
  2. how the mental health injury and effects might impact the employee’s fitness to remain working or readiness to return to work,
  3. the type of work accommodations that may be needed to ease the employee’s return to work or continuation of work,
  4. the treatment and support that may be needed to help the employee’s continued recovery, resiliency building, and performance restoration. 

Gaining clarity on the employee’s capacity to stay at work or to return to work as well as of the types of accommodations that may be needed would allow the employer to plan accordingly to ensure the employee’s successful stay at work or return to work.

Our therapists can provide one-on-one therapy and support to the employee in dealing with their mental health injury, psychological effects, and/or cognitive impairment so that they can be more ready and able to stay at work, or to return to work sooner if they are on leave. For an employee with difficulty attending face-to-face therapy sessions, sessions can be facilitated through our secured online counselling (real-time, secured video conferencing). 

Insight also works with physicians and other allied disability management service providers where necessary and appropriate for the employee’s care and recovery. 

Once an employee who is on leave has returned to work, it does not necessary mean that they have fully recovered from their injury and/or that their issues have been resolved. In most cases, continued counselling and/or treatment is needed not only to ensure progress in recovery and rebuilding but also to prevent relapse or deterioration.

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