Cognitive Perceptual Pricing

Our Concussion and Cognitive Perceptual Specialist, Jaci Freeman uses state-of-art perceptual-cognitive equipment and tools such as the Neurotracker, DynaVision, Fitlight, and more to help assess, re-train and re-build as much as possible, a person’s cognitive and functional abilities as well as help them to gain new skills to compensate for what was lost. We will also help them to deal with the psychological and relational impact of their impairment. Ultimately, we aim to help the person regain a noticeable degree of their cognitive functions and independence.

Jaci’s current packages and pricing is as follows:

Initial Consultation – FREE!

$1200 for 15 sessions

$1800 for 30 sessions

$2400 for 45 sessions

$3000 for 60 sessions 

Each session is about 30 minutes long and the initial consultation is 1.5 hours. To book in with Jaci for a free consultation, please contact Insight Psychological today.

For more information on our cognitive-perceptual program, please visit our Insight Effectus page.