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Roy Langer, CISM, Critical Incident Response Specialist

I have experience as a Disaster Responder for many years with my first in 1991. As a former Firefighter and 15 years as an RCMP Chaplain it has prepared me to support adult individuals during times of Crisis. I am a Trainer in Critical Incident Stress Management, Mental Health First Aid, Grief Following Trauma and others.


More About Roy Langer

My area of expertise is to offer support in critical incident stress situations. I offer Group Debriefings (days or a couple weeks following a critical incident) as well as Group Defusing ( 8-12 hours following a critical incident). Throughout my training I have been privileged to work with and support adult individuals who have experienced various kinds of Trauma from disasters survivors to witnessing a critical incident.  I’ve spent 35 years listening and encouraging people from all backgrounds who have witnessed trauma and needed encouragement to commence their journey.

My passion is to listen to the heart of people who are feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to turn for help following a traumatic event.


Areas of Expertise

  • Critical incident stress management
  • Group crisis intervention debriefings
  • Group crisis intervention defusing
  • Assisting individuals in critical incidents
  • Emergency and disaster response
  • Emotional spiritual care in disasters
  • Grief and loss


Training and Certifications

  • Certified Critical Incident Stress Management Professional (CCISM)
  • Seminary Training
  • Non Profit Management
  • Edu – Therapy
  • Group Crisis Debriefing
  • Assisting Individuals in Crisis
  • Grief Following Trauma
  • Spiritual and Psychological First Aid
  • Emotional & Spiritual in Disasters
  • Suicide Intervention Prevention and Postvention
  • Pastoral Crisis Intervention
  • Mental Health First Aid


  • International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF)
  • American Assoc. of Christian Counsellors (AACC)
  • National Board of Disaster Responders – (BCDR – Board Certified Disaster Responder)


  • English

Corporate Services

  • Critical Incident Response