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I think I have an addiction issue. I can’t stop eating sugar, having sex, wanting to be abused by men, and have  cheating issues. Can you help me stop these addictions?

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Insight Psychological Staff answered

Are these really addictions, or could it be something else? Could they simply be coping mechanisms? These are questions to consider. The answers to which require more in depth consultation.

For now, I can offer questions for you to think about. Look at each problem independently and ask yourself:

– When did this start becoming an  issue?
– To what extent does it control my life?
– What have I tried so far to get control over it?
– And, do I know what may have caused this concern?

When you catch yourself wanting to participate in an additive behavior, what can you tell yourself to pass the moment? For example,

– “I am choosing to be healthy at this moment.”
– “This is not something I need right now.”
– “I can do something else until this moment passes.”

At this point, find something to do instead. For example, carry a bag of carrot sticks with you so when you feel the compulsion to eat sugar, you can eat a carrot stick instead. If you feel yourself about to pursue an unhealthy person, chose to call a good friend, or a support line instead. These are just suggestions. I highly suggest you find your own behaviors that will help you get power over your current habits. I also recommend speaking to someone who can support you in this process.

Addictions are habits. In order to get control over an addiction, you have to replace one habit with another. This involves a lot of patience and a lot of work. But it can be very rewarding.

Tina Cowan, Masters Intern

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