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I am just wondering what I can do to resisit my cravings for alcohol. I actually hate the taste of most alcohol but I love the feeling of being drunk. I use to use drugs and alcohol a lot in my teen years, then just quit everything when I went university. Now that I have started working (I am happy with my job) I seem to have gone back to drinking. It started with drinking on weekends, now I am doing it every second night. I am scared where this might end up. Yet every day I say I will stop, save it for friday or saturday, and every day I break that promise. I don’t want to stop drinking completly, just cut back, and keep it to weekends only. Lately though, as soon as I get off work, it is all I can think about. I try to smoke, to kick the urge but it is no good. Since I have started drinking on weekdays, I have stopped doing the things I enjoy, like biking and walking my dogs, I have missed work because of hangovers, and gotten in fights with my family about it. I Lately I have just been hiding it from people because I hate the arguments around it. I really don’t want this life, and I don’t get how it has started all over again, I was doing so good for so long. Any advice on what to do would be awesome. Thanks

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