Ask A Therapist OnlineHow to overcome my masturbation addiction?
Anonymous asked

Since I can remember I have been masturbating. When I hit 15 it became more frequent and I began penetrating myself. I’m now 18 and do it at least three times a day. I’ve been told that’s a lot for a girl or..anyone for that matter. I feel the need to always do it, even when doing things like chores and/or exercising. I’ve tried stopping but can’t last 3 days. I have a habit of making sexual jokes and referencing sex. And I’ve started having sex with my boyfriend a few months ago and I’ve noticed even though he compliments me on how I feel and he obviously enjoys the sex, it’s not as pleasurable for me as when I masturbate, as if I’m numb to his touch, so I feel somewhat bored. Although, I end up calling him over…just to have sex or accepting without question when he hints or asks for sex. I’ve even taken personal risks just to have sex with him. I’m worried I could end up addicted to sex or ruining my relationship over my highly sexual behavior. What are the steps I need to take to overcome my addiction?

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