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I am wondering if there is group therapy available in Calgary. I have been on SSRI’s for seven years now but just slowly came off Celexa (seemed to stop working after four years) and am now on 75mgs of Effexor for two weeks and will be going to 150mgs starting in nine days. I feel like I don’t even know who I am any more. I used to feel strong and have confidence. The little things that used to excite me or things that I felt passionate about are non-existant. I am willing to give this Effexor longer to get working but I feel like I need people to talk to to share this experience with. I don’t want to be grouped with people with drug problems or those who are disfunctional as this could bring me down even further. What to do???

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Insight Psychological Staff answered

One of the side-effects of SSRI’s is a “numbing out” feeling. Many people discuss the “loss of passion” that you describe.

There is a group in Calgary called “Break Loose From Depression”. It is a 12 week program held at The Calgary Counseling Center. The number there is 403-265-4980

You could also call us at Insight Psychological (780-461-1717_. we are starting some groups in Calgary and are looking to see what topic is of most interest to out clientele. If you would like to let us know exactly what you are interested in (and that you’re from Calgary), we may be starting something up in about a month.

You could also call Health Link Alberta for more information (1-866-408-5465)

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