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Hello I am writing on behalf of my 21 year old niece who has come to me to ask for help with her drug and alcohol addictions. She has a lot of emotional and psychological issues that she needs to deal with and has turned to drugs and alcohol to cope. She is a very bright young girl but she has a lot of things stacked against her including parents with quite severe addiction problems. She came to live with my mother to escape the temptations of the small town where she grew up but tragically my mother passed away shortly after she finished high school, it was devastating to all of us but she bottled everything inside trying to put on a brave face. She has had to deal with many things a young women shouldn’t have to and she needs to be able to talk to someone. I am trying to locate a counsellor with experience in this type of situation so she can get her life moving in a positive direction.

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Insight Psychological Staff answered

Thank you for contacting Insight Psychological.  You have definitely come to the right place.  We have several therapists who are experienced in dealing with issues surrounding alcohol and drug addiction, grief and loss, unresolved issues, coping, and family dynamics.

Obviously you are very concerned about the health and well-being of your niece, and she is fortunate to have you as a support and advocate in her life.  If your niece is willing to make an appointment, our therapists have the training, resources, and experience to work effectively with her.  Ultimately the choice is hers.  We are just one phone call away 780-461-1717.

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