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Ok this is about my best friend I’m 20 and she’s 19. We are both girls. We’ve known eachother for like 6 years now. She likes me and I like her but not like in a dating way. She admitted to me almost 2 years ago that she likes me, i didnt admit it to her but she knows i do but its just like when u like someone but aren’t gonna be together. I wanted to be with her at one point tho but she didnt want to. I figured out she just wanted sex it seems and that’s all i want too. Anyways, In the past she’s given me a lot of hints she wants to have sex (she was sober) but nothing really serious like this for a long time before this, and some times about wanting to cuddle like we were at this same place about a month ago, she wanted me to stay the night with her, she said “cuddle up with…..” and said her name. And she’s even cuddled me before at a friends..she was on mdma tho but i know she still wants to sober. This is everything she was doing, it will be 3 weeks tomorrow, and she’s never been like this before…. We were both at a friends get together, we were all sitting outside drinking. we were sitting beside eachother and even before any of what im gonna tell u about i could see in her eyes that shes attracted to me when we were talking ( she obviously is but this time i could really see it u know what i mean? ) Im gonna try the best i can by telling u everything that happened, sorry if its hard to follow. alright so here it goes. she first asked how i was doing (im going through some shitty family stuff right now) i said im O.K. and then she asked if i wanna kiss. i said no. but i smiled a little after she said that. (i would like that but im shy..) she didnt say she was kidding or anything.. and she wasnt drunk when this happened. Second thing: this friend has a dog and he jumped on her and was licking her face, after she said she i got dog spit on me. i said im use to that and then she did a kissing thing to kissing the air.. third thing: not much time passed after that and she randomly told me to kiss her. i said no. she said on the cheek, i said no again and then she touched her cheek and said just on the cheek and i said no again. Shes never told me to kiss her like that before. This was everything that happened at this part of the night and she wasnt drunk, she prob felt it a tiny bit tho when she was doing that last kissing thing. Later on in the night i was coming outta our friends house and i met up with her, she was coming in the house so i give her a hug and said i love u. we were hugging eachother and she said she didnt wanna let go..we were hugging eachother felt good and comfy.. 🙂 This time we were at the near by liquor store getting more booze. When we got in i was kinda down because i thought she ditched me the night before (we were talking about that before we got in.. ) so she said i love u and then said give me a kiss. i didnt but she gave me a kiss on my cheek. she kissed me on the cheek alot that night. A time we were inside, i was sitting on the chair and she comes and gives me a hug..she was laying on top of me while i was sitting on the chair giving eachother a hug…she said she was comfy like that, i said i was too. After not long after she came and sat on my lap for a few seconds, shes never sat on my lap before.. At the end of the night everyone was in the basement smoking buckets. she was sitting on the couch and i was sitting on the floor. our friend moved and said i can sit by her. shortly after i told her ill sit by her. she said yay 🙂 when i sat down beside her she put her head on my shoulder for a couple seconds or so then got up and did it again for the same amount of time 🙂 shes never done that before.. When we were upstairs chilling just me her and our friend they were talking about where her lighter went, i said it was in my pants lol she started laughing then said to our friend it will be an adventure. She obviously wants to sleep with me right? And shes never acted like THIS before, she was in a mood like this all night. why? And shes not like this to any other of her friends. Btw and on the phone that week we were talking about that night and she said after she smoked buckets she wasnt even f u c k e d, and after she smoked the buckets that’s when she put her head on my shoulder..and said she wasnt even that drunk… so she was doing all that to me and she wasnt even that drunk. And fyi we are not gonna be a couple. thanks Also, something happened last week at work. we work together and our truck came in late so we had alot of stuff to put away and stuff, it was taking the energy outta me so i said “sigh i need a beer” and back to that she said “i need a kiss, and a hug” i was like “awwww” and then i gave her a hug from behind because she was laying for her arms on all the stuff we had so i had to give it that way. Im glad i gave her a hug. after i gave her a hugged she laughed and while i was walking over to a wheeler she was like “and a massage” I didnt say anything to that tho. why would she tell me she needs a kiss and hug and massage? Was that meant for me? We were the only ones working so she just said that to me.. I really wanna make a move but im scared!! 🙁 I dont wanna be rejected. Do u think shes waiting for me to make the next move? But she was always the one in the past that would be making all the moves tho..

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Insight Psychological Staff answered

It definitely sounds like she’s into you. She has made it very clear that she wants to kiss you. She has said so several times, even after you have rejected her by saying no. Life and love is about taking risks. Everybody fears rejection, but this fear should not prevent you from being close to someone if that is what you want. If you make a move and she says no, you can handle that and you will recover from it.

It sounds like she wants to kiss you, so if you want the same thing, maybe tell her so. If you’re too afraid to make the move, just say “I really want to kiss you”. Once the two of you talk about it, maybe it won’t be so awkward, and you can both enjoy the kiss.

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