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Hi. I am in need of some serious advise and i dont know who to turn too. My boyfriend of 8 years started doing drugs. He had gotten so hooked on heroin. He has been to rehab but after a week ran away, and was clean for 2 weeks thereafter but went back on it. He doesnt have a job. His parents dont know what to do anymore. we are currently living together but he is demanding money from me daily. And when i make excuses that i left my wallet at the office he wants to kill himself. Sometimes i feel i just want him dead coz i cannot take the pain and suffering he is causing me every single day. My parents dont know about his problem i am too scared to tell them. All the support i have is his parents but we all dont know what more to do. If we lock him up he breaks the doors or jump from balconies to get out of the house. He is very suicidal and told us thats the only way he will get out of this mess, either in jail or dead. He wants to quit this drugs but doesnt know how too. I fear for my life everyday. He does not physically abuse me but the emotional abuse is too much to bear. I feel like hanging myself almost everyday. I feel like im his life support. if i leave he dies. I feel if something was to happen to him i will be to blame or the guilt will be too much to handle. I feel i am losing my mind, everyday is a struggle and i go to bed crying or wanting to swallow tablets. I am really depressed lately, i dont want to work, eat, get out of bed becuse of this. I tried kicking him out the house but he pounds on the door and wants to break it. I have to keep up a front around people but behing closed doors i am a victim of abuse and being tortured by my boyfriend. He is a wonderful person when he is sober, and he is only 24 yrs and has his whole life ahead of him, just this makes him aggressive when he doesnt get his daily fix. Please advise me how i can i rid myself of this.

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