Sensory Disorders

Sensory disorders occur when children have issues processing stimuli from one or more of senses. These processing issues go beyond the norm to interfere with normal life – for example. someone with a sensory disorder may have issues with the many smells of a garden full of blooming flowers, and may be unable to walk through that garden as a result. A sensory disorder can sometimes appear as a secondary diagnosis to a disorder such as autism.

Example of symptoms or issues

Sensory disorders are classified into three distinct groups:

  • Sensory Discrimination Disorder – in which sensory information is processed incorrectly
  • Sensory Modulation Disorder – in which the senses become over-stimulated and the system over-responds to them
  • Sensory-Based Motor Disorder – which affects posture and movement

How we can help

Sensory disorders can be treated in several different ways, and all depend on the type(s) of disorders that have been diagnosed. In order to determine the best treatments, an assessment must be completed. Call Insight Psychological today to schedule an appointment.

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