When it comes to getting effective solutions to common marriage problems, it is oftentimes not enough for the individuals involved to devise their own solutions. It is important for couples who are going through marital problems to obtain the needed psychological help from professionals who have had sufficient training in handling such cases. For couples residing in Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and all across Alberta, getting professional psychological services is possible through Insight Psychological.

Issues surrounding Marriage today may include:

  • Religious and faith related issues
  • Unhealthy approaches to communication and/or lack of communication
  • Sexual dysfunction and/or sexual problems related to physical & psychological needs
  • Financial
  • Extended family issues (in-laws)
  • Problems related to children
  • Divorce
  • Mixed family issues (as a result from a divorce)
  • Racial Issues

How it works

Marital Therapy tries to encourage couples who are striving to find harmony and unity to cultivate those positive inner workings to make the marriage work.

The marital confines may be made up differently in each relationship but the techniques learned to cope with difficulties and gain the ability to have open communication, can be learned through the therapeutic process.

How Insight can Help

It is the aim of Insight Psychological to provide prompt and high-quality psychological services. Many of the cases involved in the provision of psychological services are highly sensitive in nature and, therefore, require expert solutions – even more so in the case of marriage problems. If simple marriage dilemmas are not provided with the necessary solutions, they can easily escalate into larger and more complex problems.

Insight can help by showing couples how to adjust, communicate, and bond within their marriage. Learn more advantages to Couples Counselling here.


Featured Therapists that can help:

Cory Hrushka

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

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Jason Jones

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Cindy Gaffney

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Jessica Blake

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Alisha Thacker

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Loriann Quinlan

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

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Jason Bos

Edmonton North, Edmonton South

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Jaime Leslie

Calgary, Online Counselling

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Kelly Jenny

Edmonton North, Online Counselling

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Nicole Pesta

Online Counselling

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Other Therapists that can help:

Doris Kieser

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

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Ramona Kotke Gapp

Edmonton North, Edmonton South

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Ricardo Sarango

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

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Laurie Roberts

Spruce Grove, Online Counselling

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Alisha Sabourin

Edmonton South

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Teena Garcia

Edmonton North

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