In the process of growing up children often experience difficulty coping at some time (at home, at school, with divorce and separation, with other children, etc.), or they exhibit behaviours which concern or alarm their parents or teachers. Some children need more help than others in some areas.

Some issues that our Children face today include:

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Generally if you, your child’s teacher or pediatrician are concerned about your child’s behaviour or difficulty adjusting, Play therapy or speaking to one of our experienced Child Psychologists in Edmonton or Calgary is recommended.



Featured Therapists that can help:

Yvonne Hindes


Yvonne completed her Ph.D in School and Applied Child Psychology in 2011 through the University of C...Read More

Ricardo Sarango

Edmonton South

Ricardo has a Masters of Arts in counselling psychology and over ten years experience in the mental ...Read More

Jessica Blake

Edmonton North, Edmonton South, Online Counselling

Customer service is not a term you may automatically think of when you hear psychological services, ...Read More


Other Therapists that can help:

Cory Hrushka

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

Cory is an AASECT certified (Diplomate) Sex Therapist/ and Supervisor, an Associate in Sex Education...Read More

Jason Jones

Edmonton South, Online Counselling

Jason holds a Masters of Counselling Psychology degree from the University of Calgary and a B.Sc. (h...Read More

Ramona Kotke Gapp

Edmonton North, Edmonton South

Ramona Kotke Gapp is a Registered Provisional Psychologist and a member of the College of Alberta Ps...Read More

Teena Garcia

Edmonton North

Teena Garcia graduated with her Marital and Family Therapy degree from Loma Linda California in 2001...Read More