When an employee’s/member’s psychological health is in a strained, injured, or ill state, it decreases or even debilitates their capacity to perform optimally and to be productive. In order to cope and function as best as they could from day to day, a portion of their energy, concentration, and resources need to be dedicated to dealing with their stress, lack of safety, and/or mental health problems or illness (which could prompt the manifestation of physical ailments and vice-versa). Depending on how severe their condition is, they may not be able to fulfill their basic job duties, may be utterly disengaged from work, or worse yet, may be unsafe to themselves and others. Multiply by tens or hundreds of employees/members plus the effects on those working, living, or interacting regularly with these employees/members, the magnitude of the productivity loss, financial loss, and human suffering could be staggering.

There are key initiatives that an organization can adopt to mitigate psychosocial risks and prevent psychological injury, provide early intervention for those with psychological concerns as well as develop a psychologically healthy, safe, and productive work environment. Our team experienced therapists and seasoned workplace Psychological Health & Safety specialists are here to support organizations in any one of the core four stages of workplace Psychological Health & Safety needs:

  • Assessment – involving the evaluation of Psychological Health & Safety risks and concerns in the workplace.
  • Prevention – involving the PH&S training for leaders and employees as well as Psychological Health & Safety program and policy development.
  • Intervention – involving a targeted range of psychological interventions and programs for employees/members with psychological strain, injury, or illness.
  • Re-engagement – involving the return-to-work assessment and re-engagement on employees/members on psychological or substance dependency leave.

Research has shown that there is a strong return on investment (ROI) for organizations that employ targeted and effective strategies, programs, and processes to: 1) mitigate and control workplace psychological risks and hazards, 2) promote and foster psychological wellness and injury prevention, as well as 3) ensure early intervention and support for employees/members with psychological issues, strains, and injuries. Not only can such efforts enhance employees’/members’ wellness and productivity, they can also bring about significant financial returns for the organization.

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