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Adjusting to a New Identity

Posted on 15/09/2019 in Blog, Stress & Anxiety, Students.

Of course, you are still the same person as you were before you started post-secondary studies but it may feel like you have a different identity because the way your peers knew you in grade school may be different from how you are now. You may have been labelled or identified as: An athlete Perhaps you played on all the school teams or you excelled in a sport or athletics as a whole but have decided not to play varsity sports – or maybe you tried to but were unsuccessful. It can be tough to...Read More Here!


Adjusting to a New Place to Live

Posted on 01/09/2019 in Blog, Stress & Anxiety, Students.

Attending post-secondary school for the first time often means a change of address if you don’t live in the same city as the school. Perhaps you’re living away from home for the first time. Maybe you’ve moved from a rural to an urban setting. Or maybe you’re adjusting to life in a dorm or living with one or more roommates. All these changes can be stressful. Leaving home Getting your own place can be very exciting or daunting…or both! Being in university is a bit of an in-between sit...Read More Here!


The Joys of the Holiday Season – Coping with Holiday Stress

Posted on 06/11/2018 in Blog, Family Issues, Stress & Anxiety.

As Christmas approaches, we look forward to spending time with family and loved ones, giving and receiving gifts, having some “holiday cheer” and enjoying the plentiful amount of food and beverages.  Unfortunately, not all of these activities are enjoyable for everyone, especially if you have some unhealthy family members, family conflict, misbehaving children, or that “interesting” uncle/aunt that everyone wants to avoid.  Coping with holiday stress becomes an important sk...Read More Here!


15 Reasons Spring is the Best Season

Posted on 16/05/2016 in Blog, Stress & Anxiety.

Summer, winter, and fall may have their fans, but spring is clearly the best season. Even science agrees!   1. TEMPERATURES ARE MODERATE Spring marks the end of blistering winter and the transitional period to scorching summer. The Earth's axis is angled between its closest and furthest position from the Sun, when temperatures are the most extreme. You can finally ditch the winter layers.   2. THERE ARE MORE HOURS IN THE DAY Following the spring equinox, when the Earth’...Read More Here!


Does Weather Affect Mood?

Posted on 05/05/2015 in Blog, Depression & Suicide, Stress & Anxiety.

Have you ever decided to hibernate and have a Netflix marathon after spying snowflakes out the window? Do you feel more energetic as the days get longer? It’s true that mood can be affected by weather, but not always in expected ways, and sometimes not at all. Dr. John Grohol has studied the link between weather and mood extensively and here is a summary of what he has found: Warmer temperatures can have a positive influence on a negative mood, but bad weather is much more likely to put u...Read More Here!


What Does Your Clutter Say About You?

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In today’s world, we seem to be living in a state of “too much.” Just take a look at some of the popular TV shows such as “Hoarders” and “Consumed.” As a culture, we are being consumed by our obsessions to all things. We’re eating more calories, using more electronics, and buying more “stuff”. All of this overabundance is contributing to an unprecedented level of stress and a problematic attachment. Professional organizers, who are employed to help with everything from dec...Read More Here!


The Emotional Importance of Dreaming

Posted on 30/09/2014 in Blog, Stress & Anxiety.

Can you remember your dreams? Many people think they don’t dream but researchers have shown that our brains experience dreams every time we sleep - we just don’t always remember them. If you’ve ever wondered what amnesia feels like, it’s just like waking up and thinking you didn’t have any dreams. If that sounds like a familiar experience to you, that might be a sign that you aren’t getting enough sleep at night and are missing out on some of the powerful bene...Read More Here!