The role of a Sex Therapist in Red Deer

A sex therapist’s goal is to help clients work through their sexual issues by talking about it, identifying the sexual issues, and exploring them. In Red Deer, this may include discussin issues of sexual desire, orientation, sexual behavior, as well as sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction and painful intercourse.

Moving beyond the ‘Comfort’ zone

Let’s face it: it can be pretty uncomfortable talking about your sexual issues if you’re not used to doing so. However, a sex therapist is specially trained to help you feel more comfortable and learn how to better express yourself when talking about your sexual needs and wants.

Assigning ‘Homework’.

A sex therapist might also give you assignments so you can try new things in the bedroom with your partner on your own time. Of course, this is all done on your own time, and based on your comfort levels.

Alternatively, if you have issues that aren’t ‘sexual’ but are affecting your sexual life, a sex therapist can work with other professionals in order to best help you. They might work with your doctor, a psychologist with specialized training in the field of sexuality, or your physical therapist to resolve any issues you might have.

Sex Therapy in Red Deer with Insight.

Red Deer residents benefit from having access to one of the few certified sex therapists in the Northern Alberta region. Clinical Sexologist Cory Hrushka is available for private sessions in Red Deer, and also has many other therapists under his tutelage with whom appointments may be booked.

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