Marital Issues

Lack of Communication – Root Cause of Marriage Issues

Posted on 16/05/2016 in Blog, Marital Issues.

Many couples come into counseling with a lack of communication as the primary reason for doing so. Regardless of what brings couples through the door, communication is often the last thing that is described as a problem in the relationship. By the end of the first session, many couples are describing issues of withdrawal, isolation, blame and general dissatisfaction with the relationship. Further exploration usually depicts two individuals who still love each other, but are tired of the const...Read More Here!


Renewing The Woo

Posted on 02/10/2015 in Blog, Couples Counselling, Marital Issues.

Most of us have experienced the excitement of falling in love. While most of us know that as the relationship or marriage evolves, the excitement has to evolve too, but too often it becomes extinct. The honeymoon may be over, but that does not have to mean the end of romance. Here are some ideas on how romance can evolve with the relationship: Express your desire for more romance, and invite your partner into the process. Many people feel frustrated when they work hard at changing a relationshi...Read More Here!


Sex & Marriage: When Your Spouse is Your Best Friend

Posted on 30/09/2014 in Blog, Marital Issues, Sexual Issues.

Sex with a long-term intimate partner who knows your innermost secrets – it sounds good on paper doesn’t it? Surprisingly, a common theme that arises in relationship counselling is that sex starts to lose its appeal as the bond between people grows. A love partner stops being a figure of desire in the bedroom and starts to feel like a good friend. Sex becomes routine, boring, without passion, mundane, a chore, tiring, or any number of uninspiring things. How can knowing more about your partn...Read More Here!


It’s Not About the Nail – 5 Steps to Recover From a Fight

Posted on 16/04/2014 in Anger Issues, Blog, Couples Counselling, Marital Issues.

Have you ever wondered why your partner doesn’t just agree with you since you are making such perfect sense? Have you ever thought “if only I married someone who was as smart as me, we’d never fight?” Well, if you answered yes to any of those questions, it’s clear that you are in a relationship. So what happens after you fight? Do you repair it in any way or just avoid it and move on to the next fight? Researchers at the Gottman Institute say that for every negative...Read More Here!


Are there Marriage Counsellors in Red Deer?

Posted on 21/11/2011 in Blog, Marital Issues.

Insight Psychological offers numerous Marriage Counsellors in Red Deer, all with professional licenses and all possessing the ability to assist couples who are encountering difficulties with their marriage. In today's chaotic and fast-paced world of couples working full-time and often overtime, taking care of children, struggling to pay bills and sometimes dealing with meddling in-laws, many marriages experience an inordinate amount of stress that causes each spouse to forget why they married...Read More Here!


Calgary Marriage Counselling – Do we need a Couples Counsellor?

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Deciding to participate in marriage counselling can be a difficult decision to make, especially when couples are wondering if it would actually help. Generally, if a couple thinks they may need the intervention of a professional marriage counsellor, then something is happening within the dynamics of the marriage that is making each of them unhappy. Problems that cause many couples to seek marriage counselling include: disagreements about raising children financial problems infidel...Read More Here!


Marriage Counselling in Edmonton

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Marriage involves open communication, respect and commitment. Sometimes couples may find themselves arguing and resenting the other more often than not without really understanding what is happening between them. When a couple decides to participate in marriage counselling in Edmonton, they will discover how to effectively communicate and avoid confrontations that result in both spouses refusing to speak about what they are truly feeling. Arguments, believe it or not, can be productive rather...Read More Here!