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Supporting the Families of First Responders

Posted on 19/04/2022 in Anxiety, Anxiety & Depression, Blog, Depression, Depression & Suicide, Grief & Loss Care, Stress & Anxiety, Trauma, Trauma Care, Uniformed Personnel & First Responders

Many loved ones and family members of first responders suffer in silence. There is widespread awareness of the mental health challenges that first responders face today resulting from the stressful nature of their respective occupations. With this awareness comes significant media coverage, research studies, and numerous external supports regarding first responder’s mental health. However, often left out of the conversation is the stress endured by the families and loved ones of first responders. There is a lack of media coverage and public awareness regarding the psychological stress of first responders’ loved ones; further, there is a considerable gap in the… Read More Here!


7 Ways to Tackle the COVID-19 Blues

Posted on 01/02/2022 in Anxiety, Blog, Depression, Depression & Suicide, Stress & Anxiety, Stress Management

    It has been almost two years since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the widespread public health measures that have limited or revoked our capability to partake in certain activities. Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a source of stress in many areas, including our finances, relationships with others and ourselves, and overall mental and physical well-being. Many of us will have experienced feelings of sadness, isolation, boredom, and worry at some point during the pandemic. However, when these feelings remain with you for a reasonably long time, you may be experiencing symptoms of the COVID-19 blues… Read More Here!


Supporting Another Person

Posted on 01/11/2019 in Anxiety & Depression, Blog, Depression & Suicide, Students, Trauma Care

Sometimes we get worried about the mental and emotional health of a loved one, friend or acquaintance. Perhaps a friend has confided in you that they are feeling sad and filled with despair. Maybe you’ve noticed a classmate struggling with stress – they’re not sleeping, they’re on edge and feel tremendous pressure to perform well. Or maybe you know of a friend who is what you suspect is an abusive relationship. You’d like to help – but you’re not sure how. It’s okay to feel awkward or apprehensive about doing so but it’s important to say something to the person… Read More Here!


The Psychology of Grief

Posted on 05/05/2015 in Blog, Depression & Suicide, Grief, Grief & Loss Care

By Alisha Sabourin Have you or anyone you know ever experienced the loss of a pet, moved, experienced a romantic break-up, started school, graduated, lost a job, had changes to your health, retired, had any positive or negative financial changes, experienced empty nest, got married, got divorce, lost trust, experienced the loss of childhood, lost faith, and have any unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations? These are examples of over forty normal and natural losses that people can experience during a lifetime that cause them to have broken hearts. Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss of any kind.… Read More Here!


Omega-3 and Mood Disorders

Posted on 23/04/2014 in Blog, Depression & Suicide

When shopping at my local grocery store this week I took a moment to look around and I noticed a variable mixing of different health benefits plastered across every carton and container. Some are ‘heart wise’, others ‘fortified’ with vitamins, or ‘no sugar added’ and so on. One common additive I’ve noted lately has been ‘omega-3’. It’s included in everything from eggs to fruit juices and even yogurt. Yet, have you ever taken a moment to ask why? Why is it so important that my eggs include omega-3? Let’s take a historical perspective. Back in the days of hunters and… Read More Here!