Book: Defining My Boundaries

Defining My Boundaries is a new book by Joyce Stewart. Joyce was motivated to write after the work she did with Cory Hrushka at Insight Psychological. Read her telling of how her book came to be below and purchase Defining My Boundaries here.

Oh how I thought I was in a slump. Looking for answers and not really knowing the questions. I went on the internet to see if I could shed some light on my confusion. Surfing through the sites I came upon the Insight Psychological website which caught my eye. Made an appointment with one of the therapists. After talking and listening to Cory, he mentioned about not defining my boundaries. Also, that I should write a letter to mom and dad that had passed. It was very therapeutic, so I kept on writing until I wrote a whole story of my life. My book was published with the name, “Defining My Boundaries.”

— Joyce Stewart