Addictions Counselling in Edmonton – How do I know if I have an Addiction?

Addiction to a substance or behaviour involves complex interactions concerning neurotransmitters, psychology, environmental influences and genetics.

When initially visiting an addictions counselor in Edmonton, you will learn about these mechanisms and why they are triggered. Common addictions include alcohol, illegal substances, sex and food; all are difficult addictions to break and usually require intervention with professional counselors from Insight who specialize in stopping addictive behaviour.

When someone truly suffers from an addiction, he or she will not be able to resist the impulse to use the substance or engage in the action without experiencing intense anxiety or severe physical reactions. Further, an addiction will detrimentally interfere with normal daily activities, such as going to work, taking care of children or healthy familial relationships.

Can Insight Help me?

Addictions counseling provided by therapists at Insight will make an addict realize he or she is heavily into denial. When friends and family of an addict start making offhand remarks about possible addiction problems, an addict will usually deny the addiction, both to himself and to his family.

Overcoming denial is a major aspect of overcoming the addiction. It is only when an addict admits they are addicted can treatment be initiated. Additionally, addicts exhibit different behaviours depending on  their type of addiction. For example, an alcoholic may hide bottles all over the house so others will not know the extent of his addiction, while a heroin addict will lie, steal and scam others just to get money to supply his habit.

Addictions counselors are available at all of our Insight locations and we are determined to help individuals overcome and permanently resist these addictions.